Friday, 4 May 2012


For a legal assistant at a law firm, as is Lisa de Witt, which position she apparently currently holds (see here) to resort to such uncontrolled lies and hate postings is noteworthy. The law firm has removed the URL where they had listed her (last year) as a Legal Assistant who had worked for them for 11 years (a kind of dissociation to protect their name? The defunct page, also removed from the wayback machine, was at Their current page ( contains no mention of de Witt, though they still employ her. This shows that they condone her fanatical and illegal activities sufficiently to keep on employing her.
A small sample of some of the massive abuse and libel that Lisa de Witt - self-proclaimed Sathya Sai Baba devotee - has employed on Yahoo group sathyasaibaba2 (now defunct after being deleted by the moderator). Her fanatical mind and degenerate moral behaviour is evident from her calling serious critics 'perverts' 'gang bangers' etc. and using all manner of degraded language and assertions about many of them. She carefully hides her address and particulars because she is liable to prosecution for a major libel against Barry Pittard, one whch originated with her sponsor, Gerald Moreno, namely that Barry Pittard fathered a son with an underage girl - is a pedophile. This despite Moreno having himself corrected his mistake (grudgingly and without any apology to Pittard, being the one time he has had to retract one of his many untrue claims).
Lisa de Witt tried to hide behind her Yahoo usernames 'conscientiousobjector2000' and 'Babafan', but her name was eventually traced by some of those who had sustained her verbal assaults for a long time. She still carefully conceals her address or other details which could put her in direct jeopardy of getting a court order against her.
Lisa de Witt: some of her postings on Yahoo:-

Here we see how Lisa de Witt defies all public documentation and prefers to think and say only what she wants - in the face of all facts....

Lisa de Witt's serious libel against Sai critic, Barry Pittard 

The following is her answers to Tony O'Cleary, a former devotee of Sathya Sai Baba who took up the cause of exposing him on various discussion boards and groups, where Lisa de it abused him daily for years:-

The lovely Lisa is a close friend of Joe108 - Gerald Moreno - who for a long time even defended Sai Baba while thinking him to be a sexual abuser (see here)! Though he claimed several years later that Sathya Sai Baba could not be a sexual abuser because he had not been convicted of it (due in fact to his protection to the highest levels of the Indian government and judiciary) Moreno also defended Swami Premananda on his website, who is serving a double life sentence for rape and murder after his appeal to the High Court was rejected. This is the apex of denial... shared in totally by Moreno's friend, Lisa de Witt, who continues to support Gerald Moreno even after his death in 2010. Apropos, a  class action case to force removal of Moreno's web-stalking and defamation of over 100 persons is currently under planning and will eventually lead to a subpoena against whoever is currently involved in maintaining his websites through a proxy domain name site.

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